Packing your orders

A well-packed order is a guarantee that your goods will reach the client without harm and damage , but also give the buyer pleasure from the unpacking process.

You can provide branded packaging materials with your designs. You can also add to any order attachments of promotional materials.

In addition to your own packaging options, you can choose the packaging provided by our warehouse. The dimensions of the package we offer, the dimensions are in millimeters (L / W / H):

180х140х40 215х105х50 255х208х77
320х235х50 320х235х80

Our packaging options are mainly suitable for relatively small products and we believe they represent the best value for money. If necessary, we can also pack your products in other box sizes. In addition, we can pack your goods in packaging bags.


  1. Free packing in a standard box, without aero-plastic, with tape covering all corners of the box joints. Cost Included in the orde.  Composition: This option is not suitable for fragile items.
  2. Packing in an air film with bubbles. The low cost of such packaging materials and a high degree of protection against damage make this type of packaging suitable for small-sized goods. Packaging components: box, bubble wrap, scotch tape, accompanying sticker.
  3. Various fillers to choose from (bubble wrap, polyurethane foam). The high strength of the packaging guarantees the safety of your order until the moment of opening. Suitable for goods with any dimensions and. Ingredients: cardboard box, filler, adhesive tape, accompanying sticker.