Cash service

Both cash payments (cash on delivery) and acquiring are accepted in all European countries

We provide full reporting on all orders.

Depending on the type of payment and the courier company, the cost of payment is determined. It depends directly on the working conditions of the courier company and ranges from 1% to 5% of the еаrnings.

For customers who work with courier companies directly, we offer the following options:

  • Integration with the courier company into the system. (Your company concludes a contract with the courier service directly, and we integrate to our system).

Payment services work scheme

When placing an order, we indicate information about the type of payment applied to this order.

If the buyer chooses to pay by card or cash to the courier, then the information is sent to the courier service, selected at the most favorable rate.

After delivery and payment of the order, earnings, excluding the rate of the courier company, are transferred to the Euro-Fulfillment account. when a contract is concluded a directly with the courier company, the earnings are transferred directly to you.

We transfer you the earnings  for the billing period minus the cost of servicing the order, or we issue an invoice when you conclude a direct contract with the courier service.

The cost of services is detailed in each periodic report.