Acceptance of goods

All processes for accepting goods are fine-tuned to the smallest detail. You can be sure that we will carefully unload, as well as accurately check the quality and quantity of goods when they arrive at the warehouse.

Taking into account the fact that in 95% of cases we receive goods from other countries arriving by international transport (which does not imply expeditionary shipping of the goods by the representative of the owner of the goods), we have created an optimal system for accepting goods, ensuring maximum transparency of the procedure.

Procedure of goods receiving

First, we receive documents from the owner of the goods in electronic form. Namely:

  1. Packing list
  2. Goods certificates (if required by European Union terms & conditions).
  3. CMR
  4. Other necessary documents depending on the type of goods and the requirements for the EU.

When the cargo arrives at the warehouse, our actions are:

  1. Taking a photo of the truck. If the transportation is individual – photo of the seals on the truck
  2. Photo of pallets with your goods inside the truck.
  3. Photo recording of the unloading of goods.

Once the unloading is done, we perform the following activities:

  1. Recount of incoming goods
  2. A report to the owner of the goods on the receipt, containing quantitative indicators and our comments on the delivery, if any and the possibility of detection (incompleteness, shortage, damage, marriage).

Goods that have not passed our control are not accepted for the remainder of the warehouse and are returned to the supplier or disposed of. Acceptance, recalculation, verification and preparation of delivery reports is carried out in accordance with the rates of the warehouse.

Legal information

If the goods are sent to us from a country belonging to the European Union, as you know, there is no need to perform actions related to customs services. To receive and store such goods, it is enough for us to conclude an agreement between our legal entities and sign an act of acceptance – transfer of goods upon receipt of individual consignments of goods. We will also give instructions on how to fill out the packing lists and CMR, for the correct reflection of goods in your and our accounting department.

Packaging of goods that are sold in the territory of the EU must contain text information in the state language of the country of sale of the goods in accordance with EU regulation 1169. In this regard, we do not accept goods that do not contain such information or contain information with inaccurate compliance with the regulations ( letter sizes, insufficient information content). We can also provide a service for labeling goods before shipment.

COVID-19 situation

Due to the restrictions, new requirements of state bodies for certain standards regularly arise. Perhaps your cargo will be delivered for disinfectant processing for up to 3 days, if this is required by EU rules.