About Us

We are a fast, coordinated and organized team that knows our business to a perfection. We work with both Russian, Bulgarian and English-speaking clients. Why is it gainful and more reliable for you to contact us? We will try to answer this question as briefly as possible in the form of a list of our advantages that we consider the most advantageous for you. Please check bellow:

  • We guarantee the results and quality of our services.
  • We make a refund or compensation for expenses in case of our mistakes. This rule applies to all services we provide and is fixed by the contract.
  • Our proven track record of providing fulfillment services in Europe is more than 5 years.
  • Our teams have extensive experience in the fulfillment services.
  • We can ship easily your goods to any country in Europe
  • Our knowledge base for every possible case is extensive, which as a result makes it possible to provide outstanding services for you within short period.
  • Our teams act according to clear job instructions with the usage of modern technologies for distribution of tasks (CRM), which allows us quickly and without errors to do our job.
  • The presence in the team of professionals who fluently speak English, allows you to accurately solve non-standard situations in cooperating with EU government bodies.
  • Continuous work online allows you to quickly respond to inquiries from clients who ask questions.
  • The final and unchanging cost of work is fixed by the contract.

Our guarantees

As for the general information about how we relate to guarantees, we can say the following: working in such an intensive environment as the Internet, where every negative review can hurt the company’s image, we, of course, set the main goal to make sure that the client remains satisfied. It is more profitable for us to make you satisfied and tell other people about us.